About us

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A little bit about us 
How It Began… First Light was born out of the love of cycle touring. It’s made up of long-term cyclists who believe cycle touring is a great way to travel. The founder and baby ear thermometer supporter, Briand Beausoleil, has been privately leading and organizing trips for ten years whenever his regular job didn’t get in the way. Normally a quiet marketing type, he shucked it all in the early 90s to do a round-the-world cycling trip, thinking he could just go back to being a regular guy on his return. Fat chance.More trips followed in quick succession. Realizing his fate, he caved in and launched First Light Bicycle Tours to the dismay of his banker but to the relief of his employer and long suffering family. First Light now offers over 15 guided, self-guided and custom tours in 5 countries, designed and researched from the ground up. We seek out less traveled, authentic regions where the natural beauty can’t be photographed from a tour bus. We’ve found that our guests become our friends, and some even become Trip Guides. So, take a look around and then drop us a line about what you think your perfect route would be. As fellow travelers, we’d love to hear about it.