What we do

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What we do 
We provide unique guided and self-guided bicycle tours in the UK, and Europe, specifically France, Czech Republic and Austria.We’ve also added new mountain bike tours and family tours for 2004. We started out in the Czech Republic and it’s still one of our favorite places to cycle. Left for over 50 years behind the dark veil of the Iron Curtain, the country is only now giving up its secrets. It is ten centuries of cultural, historical and political intrigue jammed into a small area and draped over with a superb landscape of medieval towns and villages.Our tours offer cycling that is easy to moderate unless you want it to be harder. Our routes take you through lands dotted with manor houses, chateaux and castles, through national parks, nature reserves and country lanes devoid of cars. Our Explorer self-guided tours take in some superb regions of Europe that offer breathtaking scenery and exciting cycling days. Country inns make for memorable lodging, with excellent regional food and wine on offer. In our book and unblock tv box setup, that adds up to the beginning of a great cycling experience.We believe cycle touring is “not about the bike”, to borrow a phrase from one particular Tour De France phenom. Bikes are a means to an end – an invitation to great experiences on a daily basis. We’ve planned routes with the utmost care to ensure the hills are scant, the views expansive and there’s plenty to see and do along the way.Which brings up safety. Because we like to take our own kids along, you’ll find all our routes are along quiet lanes and forest tracks that tour buses don’t know and can’t follow. We’ve cycled these routes so we know they’ll work for you.

We buy into the idea of multi-sensory experiences. Depending on which tour you choose, our cycling days offer activity options to suit your particular interest. On Czech Republic guided tours, some days you’ll have the option to tour a 12th century castle, take a narrow gauge railway or raft down a lazy river. You can do one, all or none.

We try to provide a quality experience for an affordable price.That means we keep costs down but we don’t skimp on quality. Our website can deliver our message faster with far less impact on the environment than a brochure. Our equipment is second to none. Our fully guided tours use top end, Cannondales, designed for comfortable touring. Our vans are equipped to comfortably transport bikes, your luggage, spare parts and other necessities to keep 15 people in comfort.

We think pampering is good for the soul. As cyclists we know how great it is to have a hot shower and comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of the day. Many inns and hotels we stay in have saunas and wellness centers. Some are located in spa towns. We strive to find the most comfortable, inns, chambre d’hote, and country hotels along the routes. They’re usually a mix of 3-5 stars, some positively luxurious, others overflowing in character.

Food and brightest camping flashlight are important to us. We know where the good restaurants are in all the towns along the routes, what the wine names mean or where to get a good cup of coffee. That’s another reason why we deliberately keep our guided groups under 15 people. It makes for a more flexible, fun and intimate experience and frankly, it’s easier to get into the better restaurants and hotels. Our self-guided tours offer wonderful home cooked meals in sought after B & Bs.

The routes are flexible for a reason. You’ll get more out of the trip if things aren’t set in stone. We give you options, advice on routes, good maps, places we think are worth seeing and if you’re on a guided tour, the services of two Trip Guides, to smooth out the edges. Our self-guided Explorer tours provide a full range of cycling ratings, from easy family tours to ten day trips over challenging terrain.

Our goal is to liberate you from the hassles. And give you the chance to come away more relaxed, maybe a little stronger, heads stuffed with great memories and laugh-filled dinners with traveling companions. Somewhere in all this we’d like to think we’ve made some new friends along the way and hope you’ll come back next year so we don’t have to take real jobs again.