BSA Bantam

Published / by Sessums

This Page Is Dedicated To The Worlds Favourite First Restoration Project.

The 125cc 150cc and 175cc BSA Bantam. Built in Birmingham from 1948 until 1971, this popular little two stroke motorcycle (of German DKW origin) was everybody’s favourite and affordable ‘ride to work bike’. No one is really sure how many Bantams were built, but the figure runs into several hundred thousand. They were also responsible for bringing the news by ‘Telegramme’ of ‘Hatches, Matches and despatches’, ridden by G.P.O. Telegraph Boys, a common site on 1950s roads. The little bikes wore red livery, with legsheilds & sometimes windscreens, be-decked in gold transfers ‘G.P.O.’ had de-ristricted carburetters and carried basic first aid kits in small steel toolboxes bolted to the left side of the rear valenced mudguard.

They were successful in all forms of competion. They have been trialed, scrambled (motocross), sprinted & road raced. Competing on the ‘Isle of Man’ and all over the World. Our aim is to promote the rebuilding of these most popular two stroke motorcycles and to get them back where they belong – on the country roads of England. We have many BSA Bantam spares on stock and are indeed re-manufacturing many of the ‘hard to get’ parts. Parts of superior quality than original. But please beware – rebuilding a BSA Bantam can cost you the same as rebuilding any single cylinder British Bike! If profit is your motive – Forget it!


You restore a BSA Bantam to use – and, above all, because you want to, and the very best of luck with your restoration.